TheBKTickler – Megan VS Lucie Lucie’s tickle table debut – part 1

the amazing model known as Megan jones was in town and was excited, as always, to shoot with her. And I was more excited to shoot with her because Once again, she didn’t come alone. This time she brought this beautiful Asian model by the name of Lucie yang. I known about her a while, and what made me more excited to meet her is because this was first tickle shoot. EVER! Also I brought the tickle table. So this was gonna be extra special shoot! She was “excited” to be strapped to the table for some tickling.. now I thought it was only fair for Megan to do honest of starting with putting the tickles on Lucie. Megan is an amazing tickler, and she was great at taunting her while she started tickling her feet..and then when she started thoroughly tickling inner thighs, then belly, which Megan is great with belly raspberries while tickling her stomach.. and the light touches of her nails against lucies armpits was really doing the trick. This wasn’t a warmup tickling for Lucie. Megan was wrecking her lovely. Just because this video is available now, don’t think the tickling for Lucie was over. More will be coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy this new video.

Length: 5:55
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Megan VS Lucie Lucie’s tickle table debut – part 1

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