TheBKTickler – Megan VS Lucie Megan’s tickle table – part 1

Lucie yang has gotten wrecked with serious tickling (so far) at the hands of Megan jones.. but now it’s time Megan get a dose of her own medicine. Lucie is an amazing Lee but it’s time to see her skills as a ler. So Megan lays on the tickle table (for the first time, by the way). And just like Megan started on lucies feet, Lucie followed suit. She’s great at taunting at well while unleashing the tickling on Megan. She got some spots while on the inner thighs, but I think Megan is more ticklish on her belly than lucie is. Which is why I encouraged Lucie to focus on her belly more. I love Megan’s ticklish belly, by the way. So I loved watching lucies nails crawling all over her sides, and playing with her belly button and I also found that Lucie is also great with raspberries. Megan was even trying to bite her when she went for her armpits and neck. Hands down, Lucie is an impressive tickler. So once again, with this new amazing video available now, the tickling wasn’t over for Megan. But that’s another story for another time 🙂

Length: 5:14
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Megan VS Lucie Megan’s tickle table – part 1

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