TheBKTickler – Myss Klassie’s Tickle Table Debut

Still being exhausted from the foot tickling I unleashed on Myss Klassie’s soles, she didn’t realized that the worse was yet to come for her. Because now it’s time for to get tied to the tickle table for the rest of her body to be tickle-ravaged. Starting with her armpits. Soft strokes got her bucking all over the place. Shaking and screaming “NO NO NO! OK YOU WIN! YOU WIN!” But it wasn’t over her that easy. To be fair, I have her another water break before going back in. The begging started again when she noticed that I whipped out the tickle wands. Using them on her pits caused her to safe word quick and blurt things out in Spanish. And I learned more things about her.. she’s insanely ticklish on her rib and belly and I took full advantage while she staring at the camera in tickle agony hoping somebody would come and save her. To add insult to injury, I stuck the wands in the holes of her jeans so they can tickle her inner thighs as I go back to her ribs. She learned how dangerous I am when I get creative with my tickling. It’s available now to see for yourself.

Length: 13:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Myss Klassie’s Tickle Table Debut

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