TheBKTickler – Pay the Bill or get tickled (super bowl edition)

It’s super bowl Sunday! I’m all excited for the game.. until I realized sinthia didn’t pay the cable bill so I can watch the game. And it’s her turn to pay. She refuses to pay in time to watch. Personally I think she’s being about petty about it because she claims I care more about football more than her. She picked the wrong time to try and prove a point. So she had an option: pay the bill in time for the game… or suffer the consequences. At that moment, I remembered how ticklish she is. So that was the perfect moment to get what I want out of her. And that’s when I tied her and her beautiful naked body to the bed to tickle her until she did what she was supposed to do… in my favor. Do you think tickling her armpits, belly, ribs and feet for a while was enough for her to see the error of her ways. Purchase this new video starring the incredible sinthia bee to find out!

Length: 12:18
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Pay the Bill or get tickled (super bowl edition)

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