TheBKTickler – Schoolgirl Megan vs schoolgirl terra – part 1 (megan)

why do these schoolgirls stay getting into trouble, and I’m stuck dealing with them ? Megan and terra are actually friends and got into a misunderstanding and got sent to my office to sort it out. And usually I get my hands dirty in dealing with students, but this I let them take out their frustrations on each other….in the form of tickling. They found the idea weird, but they didn’t turn away. Megan was the first to get tickled, and terra was glad to do so. Terra was getting her good on her ticklish soles. Next was the upper body where with some she was able locate her ticklish belly button through her uniform with an electric toothbrush. So she was having fun with that area for a little bit, along with other areas in her upperbody, even going after her ticklish backside. but I will say when she went back for the feet, I was helping a little even though I said I would stay out of it.. but I couldn’t resist. But it wasn’t over yet.

Length: 8:44
Resolution: 960×540

Download – Schoolgirl Megan vs schoolgirl terra – part 1 (megan)

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