TheBKTickler – Schoolgirl Megan vs schoolgirl terra – part 2 (terra)

Terra are actually friends and got into a misunderstanding and got sent to my office to sort it out. And usually I get my hands dirty in dealing with students, but this I let them take out their frustrations on each other….in the form of tickling. They found the idea weird, but they didn’t turn away. It was Megan’s turn to return the favor to terra. Terras armpits were a super ticklish spot that Megan loves to take advantage of. Next Megan saw that vulnerable belly showing and decide to get a flosser to use on her terras belly button while taunting terra the same way terra was taunting Megan. And it wasnt long before megan start using those nails on her terra’s ticklish soles. Even applied some toe sucking to the mix. And this is the summary of what they went through, but the question is, did they make up after the tickling they why do these schoolgirls stay getting into trouble, and I’m stuck dealing with them ? Megan and terra unleashed on each other ? Only one way to find out. Purchase Part 2 now.

Length: 8:51
Resolution: 960×540

Download – Schoolgirl Megan vs schoolgirl terra – part 2 (terra)

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