TheBKTickler – Sinthia Vs Marcy Marcy’s Tickle Table Debut – Part 1

Another treat, ladies and gentlemen! This is from when I first met the 6’1 Brazilian bombshell named goddess Marcy. Everything about her screamed sexy… and what makes more sexier is that she’s heavily into tickling. More points for her! Now I already know I have the skills to make a great first impression. But I wanted to go beyond that. And that’s where sinthia bee comes into play. She and I were already set to shoot again together, which is always great, so I thought why not k**l 2 birds with one stone ? Marcy and sinthia got along so well while meeting each one there. So I thought “sinthia why don’t you tickle Marcy first ?” She was excited by the idea, and so was marcy. Marcy got tied to the tickle table and sinthia didn’t hold back… especially when she reach for the tools on Marcy’s soles. She also got busy on her upper body with some sensual tickling, which Marcy was loving. Especially when she applied some raspberries on marcy’s sexy belly. Everything so far being to Marcy at the hands of sinthia just the beginning for her. Look out for that, but now it’s time for you to purchase THIS amazing new clip!

Length: 6:17
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Sinthia Vs Marcy Marcy’s Tickle Table Debut – Part 1

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