TheBKTickler – Starr foxx’s tickle torture – full body

I put Starr Foxx through the ringer just Going after her extremely ticklish feet. But it’s time for the rest of her body. I’m still a shocked how she said she was star-struck to see me.. so that was pressure for me cause it was to known up to my name. So I started with her armpits, despite starting off slow, I didn’t waste time on going in on her, after minutes with the fingers, she was nowhere near ready for the tools to the pits. But there was not she could do about it being strapped to the table. Next was her mid section. Once again, after the fingers, if she could run after seeing the tools, she would’ve. Applying electric toothbrushes to her armpit and belly button combined was for too much. Not to mention the belly raspberries. Laying there covered in sweat, she knew I wasn’t done with her. Going after her legs and knees, she learned how ticklish she really is. And I was happy to make figure that out. This is the vest way summarized the she went through. But of course, it’s better to see it for yourself. Available now!

Length: 14:27
Resolution: 960×540

Download – Starr foxx’s tickle torture – full body

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