TheBKTickler – The debut of Roslyn – feet

I while ago, I was venturing on social media… reaching out to women to do a tickle shoot.. that’s when I came across Roslyn… now she’s not a model, but she was open to try out tickling. And she was actually curious to try it out. And I’m just like that, I took a trip to queens to put the work on her. As nervous as she was, because this is her first time with tickling PERIOD! But she was ready.. until the tickling began! She doesn’t even know how ticklish her feet was until today. Now I had to focus on one foot more than the other because she had a little injury on her right foot. So I going easy on it… but I still made sure it count.. and you can’t see it, but the look on her face when she saw me whip out the tools to tickle her toes was one for the books. It’s better to see for yourself than for me to explain it. You’ll see I made her first experience with tickling that will still have her brain rattled. And it’s available now!

Length: 13:14
Resolution: 960×540

Download – The debut of Roslyn – feet

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