TheBKTickler – The debut of softwrinkledsole -feet

I went to visit one of favorite cities… Atlanta! And I came across a new model by the name of softwrinkledsoles….she definitely owns up to her name with her soft size 10s. And what’s also great about this georgia peach is that she loves tickling. And I was her first tickle shoot. And once again, I was honored and more than willing to pop another tickle cherry. How she was laying, she couldn’t really see me coming towards her ticklish soles, but she could feet my presence. Once the fingers started running on the feet, that laughter was uncontrollable. But it got worse as I poured oil all over the feet was pushing her over the edge sooner than later. It was fine to introduce her to the tools! First electric toothbrush: effective, but she love the vibration against her soles no matter how much it tickled. I used the flosser and gave her toes some pokes just to tease her. And next was the hair brush. All imma say I was very THOROUGH with the brush and decided to be a little more evil and combined the brush with my special tickle weapon. You’ll enjoy seeing this newbie limits get tested. And I just getting started no matter how high the level of tickle was given to her feet. Available now!

Length: 11:56
Resolution: 960×540

Download – The debut of softwrinkledsole -feet

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