TheBKTickler – The intense tickling of Mandy Candy – feet

Dreams do come true. Because I got to work with the icon herself… MANDY CANDY! I was anxiously waiting to land in Orlando to get my hands on her. I followed her work for years. So I definitely did my research on how imma handle her and her super ticklish.. and she is ticklish! Let’s get to some short details. I start with the feet like usual. And I started slow. The buildup was gonna be worth. When I cranked it up, she was beginning to hate me. Which was a compliment to me. Because I was doing a great job on her soles with my fingers, electric toothbrushes, the flosser, applied some toe sucking, and it was mandatory to whip out the tickle machine on her. Hey, I was trying to make a first great impression here. But the good news is the video is available now. So you can see for yourself how much of a great impression I was trying to make.

Length: 11:25
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The intense tickling of Mandy Candy – feet

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