TheBKTickler – The intense tickling of Mandy Candy – full body

If you love tickling, you know who Mandy candy is.. and you know how ticklish she is. Now i thought she was gonna handle me like a pro. But she wasn’t prepared, which is a compliment for me. I had fun with her feet, but now it’s time for the rest of her body to get some intense tickling it so desperately needs, in my opinion. When I started with the armpits, I lost count on how many times she said the F Word. Even when I started light. Which was great, but it wasn’t long after I cranked up the intensity of the tickling. Electric toothbrushes helped with that, by the way. Next up is that sexy belly of hers. I couldn’t wait to get that.. cause it’s EXTREMELY ticklish!! Like “I can hear crying while laughing” ticklish. At the belly tickling, I can tell like she just about had enough, but I wasn’t done toying with her at this point. With the toothbrushes, I poked and prodded her beautiful body. With a poke came a scream. Followed by more tickling. She completely hated me at the end of all this. But you’ll love to see why she hated me. Available now

Length: 12:09
Resolution: 1280×720

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