TheBKTickler – The intense tickling of onyx Kim – feet

Just like in the title…..intense. Onyx Kim is sort of new in the game and she already has an impressive resume. And I saw that she’s definitely into tickling. So I while I was in Tampa, it was definitely a goal to work with her, and make a great impression. Cause she’s been tickled a lot since starting. Now let’s start with her feet. They’re very ticklish. A couple of fingers light touching her soles was enough to hear a high pitch. So I knew I had another live one here. And she was gonna that I was gonna go easy her. Minutes of fingers, more minutes of tools like the electric toothbrushes (that’s an entertaining segment, by the way. You’ll love it.) then flosser, then the things interesting. First with the spike massage ball, which I used for the first time, and my tickle machine…. that right there cause some serious screaming. If I was you, I crank the volume down a little while watching this video, but not too low to not hear her scream in laughter. Available now.

Length: 15:02
Resolution: 960×540

Download – The intense tickling of onyx Kim – feet

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