TheBKTickler – The Reunion Tierra’s Full Body Tickling – Part 1

Oh this is the part that I missed. Tickling Tierra’s upper body. Well at least for starters. This is just part 1, you know. The anticipation on her face said it all. I started with the ribs and she already started knocking her elbows together because it tickled so much. She commented how big of a smile I had on My face while tickling her ribs. Didn’t know I was so much obvious. But On to the armpits and elbows. Claiming she had no idea how ticklish her elbows were. She I never tickled there before or it’s just been that long that she’s been tickled. Then I got on top of her and focused fully on her ribs and the bucking intensified. Leaving her in complete hysteria and starting just blabbing thing out of her mouth. But the babbling turn into pure profanity once I introduced to the tickle wands. An experience she’ll never forget. Part 1 is out officially….. NOW!

Length: 7:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Reunion Tierra’s Full Body Tickling – Part 1

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