TheBKTickler – The Special Request Foot Tickling

I was in the mood for entertainment. Do I had a dancer ordered to my house for some action. I wanted to see some belly dancing. So a beautiful lady (played by Macy divine) showed up dressed as a belly dancer to Show me her amazing dance moves. But I noticed when I requested her, she stated on the site that for extra, she’s open to do more services to her clients. So immediately I had another idea that I wanted to run by her when she arrived. My idea was to see if she open to being tickling. Standing there nervous, hoping that she would say yes. And she didn’t disappoint. And was more than happy to try out this new experience. I was had already my equipment laid out for her. She knew that wAs serious about this. She sits on the bed with Her feet are locked in special stocks. She was intrigued by the contraption and she started flinching when started to play with her a feet a little. Is that her day of saying she’s ticklish ? I guess we’re all about to find out. Available NOW!

Length: 12:00
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The Special Request Foot Tickling

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