TheBKTickler – The Super Bowl special – foot tickling

It’s super bowl Sunday! A sexy employee from a local was going door to door trying to get the locals to come to the bar for the super bowl… I wasn’t really interested, but she was desperate to get customers for this event or else she was at risk of being fired. And there’s where opportunity knocked. So I made her an offer that she couldn’t afford to refuse. And the deal started with me asking her “are you ticklish ?” And I was satisfied with the answer.. so fast forward, her beautiful soles were tied to my table for some tickling. Starting with the feet. Having her feet tied to my table made her wonder what she was about to get into just to get customer to the bar she works at. With feathers, a spike ball, electric toothbrushes and other tools. She was about to find out. And it’s available now to see sinthia bee have some intense tickling given to her.

Length: 17:34
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The Super Bowl special – foot tickling

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