TheDaceyHarlot – Holly Jolly Tickle Torment

Dacey’s found herself on the Naughty List again this year! Coal doesn’t seem to get the point across so this year Dacey’s getting Tickled for Christmas. Dacey starts laying face down, nude, on her belly with her feet up as Dexter climbs up behind her and starts relentlessly tickling her bare feet. Dacey does her best to try and wiggle and squirm away but she’s pinned and laughing uncontrollably. Dexter gives her small breaks but only to switch tickle spots. From her feet to her hips all the way up her ribs and into her armpits. When Dacey tries to flip over Dexter tickles her faster then flips her back to her belly while she laughs leaving her open for a tickle attack where ever he wants.

Length: 7:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Holly Jolly Tickle Torment

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