TheDaceyHarlot – POV Plead & Tickle, Your GF Can’t Take It!

Feat. Dacey Harlot & Dexter Darkly

You’ve texted your girlfriend Dacey to tell her that when you arrive home, she’s going to get tickled mercilessly! You know how sensitive her skin is and how much she hates being tickled, but her laugh is so amazing you use it as your favorite form of playful punishment! Dacey squirms and wiggles with her loud and adorable laughter and you cannot wait to get home to tickle her!

When Dacey recieves your text she gets so anxious! She HATES being tickled and knowing its coming eventually is pure evil!! She quickly decides to make you an apology video begging and pleading for you to take mercy on her sensitive skin, she goes over how ticklish every part of her body is, she cant even tickle herself without laughing!! She offers to do all the chores, make dinner every night, whatever you want..Dacey will do it just PLEASE NO TICKLING!! She knows none of this will work and after 5 minutes of pleading she tells you she will await your arrival home and hope you can change your mind on senseless tickling punishment!

The next 5 minutes of the video Dacey pleads into the camera as her feet are tickled like CRAZY!

“I can’t take anymore”, “please no more tickling”, “Mercy! Mercy!”, “Not the toes, please not the toes!!” as Dacey laughs uncontrollably and tries to break her ticklish little toes free of your grasp but cant! She tries to talk through her laughter but has great difficulty, she thinks she can’t take the tickle punishments, but you make her! Scene fades out in laughter and pleading for no more!

Length: 10:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – POV Plead & Tickle, Your GF Can’t Take It!

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