TheFootFantasy – Roxie Tickles Akira’s Feet,Toes, & Soles

ROXIE RAE noticed when she was giving young 19 year old AKIRA SHELL,FOOT WORSHIP for the first time that AKIRA was really TICKLISH on her FEET. Now ROXIE has got AKIRA, BAREFOOT with her FEET in ROXIE’S lap. ROXIE hold AKIRA’S FEET up and shows them off, telling AKIRA she’s going to LICK and WORSHIP them again but instead, ROXIE just starts to TICKLE AKIRA’S FEET. AKIRA LAUGHS as she is at the mercy of ROXIE and her TICKLING. AKIRA is very TICKLISH and her FEET wiggle as she tries to beg ROXIE to stop. ROXIE doesn’t stop though. ROXIE uses her FINGERS and a HAIR BRUSH to TICKLE AKIRA’S FEET. Maybe if AKIRA SHELL can endure the FOOT TICKLING she will get FOOT WORSHIP after.

Length: 7:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Roxie Tickles Akira’s Feet,Toes, & Soles

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