TheFootRoom – Cocos Napping Tickle

Here is a simple clip more for my foot fetish fans out there! Coco is exhausted and tired after a long day at work and decided to take a nap before we would head out into town at night. Coco loves bar hopping but decided her feet needed a break from heels and wore shoes with tight socks. Her feet are in black socks as she is knocked out on my bed. As she rests I wait until she is knocked out and lightly breathing before I sit next to her now exposed socks. I peel them off exposing her delicate small soles and feet. I lightly run my fingers on her soles to see a reaction and they slowly scrunch showing her light wrinkles and tasty toes. I use my nails lightly in between her toes as she spreads them nicely for me before slowly scrunching them again. I continue my light tickle of her soles. But after a while I cannot hold it in any longer. I begin to lift her feet slowly and lightly sucking her toes. She softly gasps in her dreams enjoying every second of it. When she wakes up she wonders where her socks went…..when I told her what happened she giggled and demanded more off camera while she was awake to enjoy it.

Duration: 8:10.523
Size: 1 088,35 Mb

Download – Cocos Napping Tickle

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