TheStocksStudio – Veronika Tickled in Stocks pt.3 (Barefoot + Upperbody)

Here is part 3 of Veronika's very sexy tickle torture. This lady has become one of my favorite girls to tickle. She is so much fun to tickle and can really take it too. But once she's tied up we all know she doesn't really have a choice anyway. 

In this clip her toes are already tied and her bare soles are lubed up and ready for what I like to call the Mississippi game. Before we play my game though I warm her up with light touches in the center of her soles which make her howl and laugh. O yeah and I give her dual hair brushes to really push her beyond her sanity. I then move up to her upper body where she senses me move close to her armpits and she then tells me "No!" I just laugh it off. Now I really need to torture her pits because she needs to be taught a lesson. She can't take her armpits being tickled but again, she doesn't have a choice. 

After some fun with her upper body I go down to her feet a proceed to tell her the rules to the Mississippi game. She must hold her feet back and count to 15 Mississippi but not until I touch her feet. She instantly struggles and laughs barely able to get any words out. I will be incorporating this game into the next part of this clip but instead of Mississippi I make her say "I Love having my feet tickled!" Keep an eye out for part 4. Its a really hot one. 


Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 19853 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 256 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 9:20.927
Size: 1 344,661 Mb

Download – Veronika Tickled in Stocks pt.3 (Barefoot + Upperbody)

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