TheTickleRoom – Alexa in Tickling My Bosses Girlfriend Pt 1 “GET MY JOB BACK!”

So recently I got this AWESOME job at a new firm and I was doing REALLY well. Sadly I got moved to another department and my boss is a MAJOR dick. Little does he know at the last party his wife got a little TOO excited with her alcohol and we ended up making out which led to some other things. Normally I am totally against behavior like this ESPECIALLY in the work place but she is SMOKING hot and my boss can go to hell. Well today he made a HUGE mistake and blamed me. I lost it, and well was fired. But there is ONE person I know that will change his mind but it would be sus. So I decide to have her come over being REALLY flirty. She does and this time I make sure to record it ALL. She rides my dick and takes it all before we wash up and relax. Thats when I see on her phone that she is telling her girls how she only uses me for SEX and wants me gone so its less awkward and well…..SHES the reason he fired me! So I decide its time for payback. I tell her my plan before holding her down for some REAL Torment.

I have Alexa stretched on my massage table ANGRY as I tell her my plan. She is GOING to get my job back. I use some oil I found in her bag as I start lightly tickling her stomach. She is PISSED screaming and giggling cursing at me. She told me at a party how much she HATES tickling and well….I love it. She fights me calling me names and a weirdo as I tickle her armpits. Poor Alexa is so tickling she is BREAKING down giggling and fighting. Thats when I get her bra off. Now with more oil she is terrified and losing steam. Barely able to breathe or fight she manages to slip out only to have NO energy to fight me and this is just the beginning. She STILL refuses to get my job back so its on to her feet…..

Length: 15:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alexa in Tickling My Bosses Girlfriend Pt 1 “GET MY JOB BACK!”

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