TheTickleRoom – Alexas Audition Pt 1 “Foot Escape Artist!”

Here we have Peridots BEST friend and the first model I actually spoke to Alexa! She is 25 years old with beautiful and SENSITIVE size 5.5 feet. The MOMENT I touch her feet she is fighting me. Her bare soles are SO sensitive she FIGHTS me. I actually have to stop and re tie her. From toes to soles its ALL insanely sensitive. I make it worse and Alexa is STILL getting out. Her right foot is bad but she STILL is fighting her laugh and the tickling. She does everything she can and its JUST my fingers. She holds her laugh in until she desperately lets go every so often! When I break the tools out she LOSES it. The glove is SO bad she actually gets a foot out of her toe ties and then LOSES it with laughter when I hold her foot back. Sadly for her EVERY tool is a LOT as she hysterically starts to break down in laughter! If you like foot tickling then Alexa is the session and custom model for you!

Length: 25:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alexas Audition Pt 1 “Foot Escape Artist!”

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