TheTickleRoom – Alexas Audition Pt 2 “It All Tickles!!!”

So Alexa is ticklish everywhere as well! I will admit it is nowhere near as intense as her feet but that works because here she really gets tormented. Her shirt is folded up exposing a PERFECT belly and belly button. Now she was not fully sure if her belly was ticklish. The moment I touch her tummy she giggles and wiggles like CRAZY!!! She has a soft giggle she tries to fight before losing it and fighting. Thats when I hit the armpits and JACKPOT. Alexa loses her composure and begins hysterically laughing saying she is getting tired from fighting. Well I add oil and go crazy and Alexa is laughing harder then she ever has in her life. Then its more armpits and she is trying so hard to stay calm. Well it does not work but she gets an arm out! Well this actually makes it worse. When I get her stomach and belly button she is a giggling mess. Off camera I get some more feet and she CANNOT keep up. By the end she is SPENT and is now easily one of the most popular models on the roster!

Length: 13:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alexas Audition Pt 2 “It All Tickles!!!”

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