TheTickleRoom – Ama Rios Punishment Amber Wants to Double Team

Ama Rio is easily one of the MOST ticklish models we have ever worked with in The Tickle Room. Now Amber is still fairly new to tickling and has been learning how to Ler. She LOVES Ama Rio and admires her so she was VERY excited to REALLY get to her BUT she still was nervous and wanted my help for a double team! Poor Ama Rio was NOT ready for this. We tie her to the massage table, arms above her head, and toe tied. It is TIME for some double team tickle . Amber takes the feet excited and ready. Amber starts with some finger tickling but wastes NO TIME getting her tongue in between Ama Rios toes. She is giggling and laughing as Amber sucks her toes but then my hand spiders up her waist to Ama Rios armpits and stomach making her SCREAM and HOWL with laughter. But then Amber asks “Are brushs allowed?” Well unfortunately for Ama Rio THEY ARE. Amber wastes NO time grabbing the brush as I grab poor Ama Rios hips. Then Amber while brushing poor Ama Rios toes grabs her KNEE. Ama Rio is SCREAMING and then Amber gets the lickling in AGAIN. Amber wastes NO TIME smiling and going CRAZY on poor Ama Rio. This is one of the BEST clips I have with Amber and do not worry…Ama Rio gets her revenge.

Length: 5:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Rios Punishment Amber Wants to Double Team

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