TheTickleRoom – Anna In “A New Love” Pt 1 Long Soles

Back AGAIN is Anna the Kinky One who is NOW 22 years old. Last time she worked with me she was in literal hell with how ticklish she is on her feet. She never lets people willingly tickle her and this was a first for her. Now before shooting we have been talking a ton sexually about how she wanted a free orgasm BUT that the tickling and foot stuff never makes her horny so she was interested in seeing how it would turn out but to not expect much. So I start the video with an interview and remove her shoes and socks exposing her size 8.5 soles. Now Anna has LONG soles and smaller toes which is GREAT for tickling and the toe ties stood on great in this! I do a LOT of finger tickling in this since Anna is SO sensitive with such long soles I really cannot help myself. I lube up her feet with my new oil based lotion lol so BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! Anna is giggling and laughing unable to get away with JUST the fingers but the tools get involved and she is giggling and laughing to the point of losing her breath. This is one AMAZING clip for the foot lover fans out there!

Duration: 9:52.124
Size: 356,812 Mb

Download – Anna In “A New Love” Pt 1 Long Soles

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