TheTickleRoom – Anna In “A New Love” Pt 2 Orgasmic Giggles

So as everyone now knows me and Anna at this time were very intimate in the way we worked. We had realized a passion for each other we did not know existed BUT that passion was found… this video (the uncut version I sell privately and in that one you can see it clear as day). So this is one AMAZING upper body clip but….for those who remember the original….Anna was NOT ticklish on her upperbody! Well, she was pregnant and now her body has undergone a different transformation and her sensitivity has gone UP. So now she is REALLY ticklish. As I pull her pants off and tickle her lightly near her underwear she giggles and laughs confused at this new feeling as I push in more really tickling her. She laughs “OH MY GOD” confused but enjoying it. I slowly strip her in this and her laugh and giggle are just so sexy and adorable its amazing. Her entire upperbody is not fully ticklish. So Anna HATED tickling but now she is getting so turned on by it shocked at how she feels. I do light belly button worship and raspberries as she moans and giggles “IM CRYING!” As I pull her shirt up exposing her nipples I pull out the suckers and she is excited and nervous (she literally begged me to bring them). I put them on and she loves it lightly breathing as I tickle her. Now she is REALLY enjoying it. I start (off camera) tickling her feet as she SCREAMS “O MY GOD”. Then I do some pussy tickling and LIGHTNING as she giggles and moans clearly turned on. Now its time for the orgasm. Anna has NEVER used a hitachi and has no clue how strong it is. I use it as I lightly kiss her stomach and push her body. She moans lightly looking for her breath. I lightly tickle her and she moans smiling and giggling. I add some nipple worship when the suckers fall off and she is truly in ecstasy which you see fully in frame as her face emotionally goes harder. I tell her to tell me when as her moaning gets more intense “Trust me you’ll know” She says softly. I start pushing her further as she moans louder close to cumming. She loses herself as she comes and her body buckles but I dont stop as I push her for number 2. She is really loving and falling apart as number 2 hits but…we push for 3 and I start tickling her. She is EVEN MORE confused as I tickle her and her. Then I push her mentally. “I cant cu…..o god”. Whose a tickle slut? “I’m a tickle slut!!!!” Who loves being tickled? “I love being tickled”. She falls in love with it and I just keep reading her and she does NOT want me to stop. She cums and after it took her….quite some time to recover. This is a true tickle turnover as she goes from hating it to seeing the sexual side we see in its intensity. Lets just say Anna added a new fetish she enjoys to her list.

Length: 12:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Anna In “A New Love” Pt 2 Orgasmic Giggles

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