TheTickleRoom – Ariels First Time Pt 2 Super Tummy Torment

Ariel just finished her foot tickling and if she thought THAT was intense well…..were not done yet. Now its time for the most intense part for her EASILY….upperbody. She is SO nervous as I have her stretched out in the MOST vulnerable of positions. She is shaking and nervous smiling as I take my place. I start nice and light on her lower tummy and she tries to hold it in and lasts maybe 4 seconds before SCREAMING into laughing. She giggles and howls with laughter. She keeps trying to hold it in moving and even more scared. I start tickling her ribs and she is COMPLETELY broken ALREADY. She has a slightly ticklish belly button and I am teasing her while making her scream and laugh before she safe words. This is a GREAT upperbody tickle video and I cannot WAIT for someone to get a custom of her going through a REAL upperbody hell. For now enjoy Ariels first tickle and end interview.

Duration: 18:08.620
Size: 502,895 Mb

Download – Ariels First Time Pt 2 Super Tummy Torment

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