TheTickleRoom – Bella Feetures Big Foot Tickle Hell

Bella feetures is a stunning foot model from Instagram that was VERY afraid to get tickled but contacted ME crazy enough! She is so sensitive that the moment I touch her toe tied soles she crunches her toes in fear. She has SOFT and I mean PILLOW soft size 8 soles. I start light and delicate and she actually holds on REALLY well. But we all know I am better than that. She says “It feels less ticklish right now than earlier.” WELP time to turn it up as I add oil and go FAST. She immediately SCREECHES into laughter as I bust out some light tools. Bella is a cackling laughing mess as the tool glides up and down her big soft soles. I get in the toes and she LOSES IT literally trying to hold back her laugh before CACKLING hard into a laugh that damn near makes her stomach muscle spaz out. So then I break out the….the red glove. The moment it touches her feet she makes the most offended, confused, oh hell no face before HYSTERICAL laughing but then I REALLY go crazy and she CANNOT handle it safe wording FAST. But…..we are not even half way at this point but….I’ll let the rest be a surprise. There is some solid lickle tickling at the end though I will give my little foot demons that!

Length: 10:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bella Feetures Big Foot Tickle Hell

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