TheTickleRoom – Bella Feetures Upperbody Tickle “THIS IS WORSE!!”

Bellas feet are insanely ticklish and she knew that but the upperbody? That is a territory COMPLETELY unknown to her. She was SO nervous stepping into this. I will off the bat say she does allow us to see her belly button but not her upper area near her ribs. I add some cooling oil and start it off. She keeps her smile and does not laugh until….I grab. Then she is HYSTERICAL laughing and you can see on her face she is NERVOUS. Thats when the straddle comes in and its combo time. The ribs and stomach combo SEND Bella into cackling almost breathless hysterical laughter. Then its hips and she is unable to stop laughing or calm down trying to compose herself. Then the armpits and….wow she just LAUGHS until she cannot anymore.

Length: 5:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bella Feetures Upperbody Tickle “THIS IS WORSE!!”

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