TheTickleRoom – Bella Luxxs in “20 Minutes in Hell!”

Uh oh. Back again is the Texas beauty Bella Luxx! She is SUPER ticklish with her SEXY size 9 soles. Well now that we have marked the spots (go to our Loyal Fans to see that video for now they get the first look!) Bella is toe tied, gagged, blindfolded, AND in a straight jacket. IT IS TIME to TORMENT those DELICATE soles for 20 MINUTES STRAIGHT. Bella is CONVINCED she will not break. I waste no time tickling her feet getting my fingers on her soles and toes. She laughs hysterically into the gag causing spit to run ALL down her chin. She is so sensitive that even just spraying oil and rubbing it in is making her laugh. The MOMENT my fingers touch her oiled soles she is SCREAMING in the gag trying to get away but only flailing left and right. I rake her soles with my LONG fingers and its time to go FURTHER. I break out the massage tool and PRESS it into her soles. Bella LOSES it when I run it up and down her soles. She jumps and giggles into her mask. But the moment I get the right spot she SCREAMS crunching her toes. But the tools are far from over as I use the glove and it OVERLOADS poor Bella. She is SCREAMING into her gag and cannot stop flailing but CANNOT get away. She is spitting ALL over her poor chin and face but its time to go HARDER. I break out the glove AND the brush at the same time. Bella is FADING as she SCREAMS and laughs in her gag. I push her toes forward with my arm and the brush DESTROYS her soles. She laughs DESPERATELY as I RAKE that brush over her soles. Then I pull the mask off so she can see it. Her soles are SO sensitive as I use my fingers and the glove. She keeps screaming and laughing trying to catch her breath. But the timer has not passed yet…..Does Bella ever safeword? Does she give up? Does she even have the option? find out in this clip!

Length: 22:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bella Luxxs in 20 Minutes in Hell!

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