TheTickleRoom – Breaking Emily Rose Pt 1 “Dirty Soles and Hysterical Laughter”

Another LONG awaited amazing clip with….Emily Rose! She has done a lot of tickling work and is SUPER awesome so a LOT of producers told me she was WELL worth it and near me for a short time! So even though I was beat down from Texas I made SURE I got this booking. I over extended my budget just to see her and BOY was it WORTH IT. Emily is 24 years young with nice size 8 feet! Now what people may not know is the beginning of my videos when the model removes their shoes and socks or I do it that is FRESH out. They do not wash their feet or anything unless worship is involved. So Emily does a long interview slowly removing her shoes and socks for….DIRTY SOLES! Well thats fine. I know EXACTLY how to clean those sexy soles up. So I get her in the position that I was really a fan of with the bed and some intense toe ties. The moment I start tickling her feet JACKPOT she is SUPER ticklish, smiling WIDE, and trying to escape. Her ankles move but her feet are all mine. As my fingers dance she laughs breathlessly occasionally bursting with giggles! After a lot of foot tickling I add a LOT of lotion and lets see how fast my fingers can fly. The MOMENT my fingers take off Emily is HYSTERICAL with laughter. She is laughing as I ask her “makes it worse?”. Through hysterics she responds “YES. ALOT”. I break out the tools and more really pushing her now as she screams and laughs hysterically from how hyper sensitive her feet are especially on her birthmark on her feet that I pay extra attention too! Lets just say by the end of this Emilys feet were a lot cleaner.

Duration: 22:32.552
Size: 497,981 Mb

Download – Breaking Emily Rose Pt 1 “Dirty Soles and Hysterical Laughter”

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