TheTickleRoom – Breaking Katy Pt 1 “Tasha is Evil”

Here is a short and EVIL video of Tasha tickling poor Katy and her size 8 feet in the stocks wide stance. She is completely gagged and blindfolded in a straight jacket. Its a very intense position that you can tell Katy is terrified being in but she says “I think I can do it!” Well lets just say she was pretty wrong and not actually able to say anything once the gag was in and Tasha gets her hands (mostly fingernails) on Katys feet and in between her toes. Katy is trapped. The moment Tasha starts you can see Katy fighting in the gag as Tasha tickles her in waves on intensity before adding oil. The oil is a secret INTENSE weakness for Katy and she goes INSANE the moment Tasha goes FAST on her poor soles with the new hand brush. Then Tasha breaks out the other hand brush and poor Katy BUCKS forward trying to safeword through the gag screaming for help but Tasha doesn’t let up….and this is just part 1…..

Length: 5:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Breaking Katy Pt 1 “Tasha is Evil”

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