TheTickleRoom – Breaking Katy Pt 2 “The Worst Tag Team”

O man. The fans kept messaging me on Instagram and Twitter BEGGING for the tag team and we were not really gonna do it but Katy said she could handle it. Well this video 100% proves otherwise. Poor Katy was NOT prepared for this. Me and Tasha are getting ready as I spray Katys soles heavily with oil We start with fingers and poor Katy is already begging through the gag. Then me and Tasha amp it up with brushes and you can tell shes already broken as Tasha says “Poor thing” without actually stopping. We then don hand gloves and at the same time go as fast as we can and Katy is IMMEDIATELY trying to beg us to stop. The gag is too much for her and she BEGS us to remove it so we do and bring out her lovely mask. You can tell Katy is so spent and can barely laugh at the intensity of how her body feels. We break out the brushes again and she squeals and laughs but then tries to zen us out. Well Tasha is having NONE of it as she grabs a brush and we double team her. She tries hard to keep it in before safe wording and we let her. We end it with a WEIRD combo of the back massage and dental flosser combo and Katy just FALLS apart in the worst way I have ever seen safe wording. She did say however if anyone ever wants her to go through a TRUE tickle hell with all the tools and paid enough…she would do it!

Length: 8:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Breaking Katy Pt 2 “The Worst Tag Team”

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