TheTickleRoom – Breaking Paloma to Tears “Interrogating the Princess” UNCUT

Ok so as my fans know my clips are known to be very real and VERY girl next door style. There is always a crazy story behind every girl. Sometimes one funny or one serious. Well this one is very PERSONAL. So it took a while for me to decide about this clips description but I figured why not? This is my community and I love you guys <3. So me and Perla have had problems last year really bad. During that time I met Paloma as a prospective tickle model. She was super ticklish from the preview she sent me and I was super excited to tickle her. Well she flaked. 5 times in a row actually. But I am too nice of a person and started to develop feelings for her due to me and Perla falling apart. Well lets say it did not last long when I realized she was crying for attention and lied to me often. But thankfully enough me and Perla worked it out and are happy but Perla left to handle family issues for a month. During this time Paloma flew to NY and began spam messaging me to hang out. So I did….so I could tickle her for all her no shows. Also because I am once again to nice and felt bad that she was alone. So I meet her and I notice a few things. ONE, she has a BOYFRIEND!!! she had one for over a year! But when I asked she said they "are not together anymore" psh. Well that was not enough as I watched her text 4 men in an hour -_-. Lastly she is a VERY pampered person who feels she is actually a princess in a way. She HAS to have things her way. So I told myself…..Im gonna wreck this girl. I get her into the tickle chair, have her sign everything, and now is the time. 

Paloma is a Mexican pampered girl whose parents gave her EVERYTHING. So she has name brand EVERYTHING, must eat in nice places, must have attention at all times, and HATES walking long distances. So her feet are INSANELY soft and HYPER sensitive. I start with Palomas size 7 feet in socks. I start with her socked feet and they are SEXY. I am not a sock guy but her feets arch looks SO good in socks. I tickle her feet as she kicks and complains laughing. I however am CLEARLY relishing in the fact that I am finally getting these feet. Lets put it this way….we never get past the feet. I get her socks off after much protest and she is unhappy as hell as I begin asking "so how many guys are you talking to?". This questions resonates as she keeps trying to pull away from my exploring hands. But I do not let up. Eventually the tears come flying out. She is CLEARLY upset. But I have no cares as I continue. 

Normally as a tickling producer I try everything I can to make a model feel super comfy and always wanna come back. This one time was a HUGE exception. I was NOT a fan of this person and did NOT want her to come back. However many people in my Tickle Room Club LOVE her. So I am leaving it up to you as the fans, Does she come back or does she go into the black list because surprisingly enough she wants to come back >.>

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 4076 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 0 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 30:18.750
Size: 883,786 Mb

Download – Breaking Paloma to Tears "Interrogating the Princess" UNCUT

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