TheTickleRoom – Carnivals First Time Pt 1 “SOFT Soles”

Here we have a fun treat with 31 year old Carnival! She is a beautiful and recently pregnant model who was SUPER interested in our shoot! We met and talked a bit before she decided to give this a shot! As a nude model normally she has done little to no fetish work. Her soles are perfect though and EXTREMELY soft. She takes very good care of her whole body her size 5 feet included. We test her out and get her strapped in the stocks to give it a shot. Carnival has one HELL of a smile as I lightly tickle her soles. She is super ticklish but its manageable and not off the charts. As I start she has great control giggling and making soft noises. I know I have to turn it up so its time to break into the lotion and tools. I start with the lotion and she is WAY more ticklish with a resounding “WHY” When I tell her it makes it worse. Her soles and toes as a whole make it worse. Now she is a giggling mess and laughing more. This is one sexy and fun foot tickle video for the simple fans out there who enjoy a good laugh and a beautiful smile.

Length: 13:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Carnivals First Time Pt 1 “SOFT Soles”

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