TheTickleRoom – Claudia Lewis and Neko Yano The Interrogation Pt 1 “Soles Up Torture”


Claudia Lewis is a spy who LOVES some sexy feet. Neko Yano is a poor Asian spy with some information that Claudia wants. Claudia has her ways of getting information and she is about to show poor Neko. Neko refuses to speak english so knocked out her feet are soles up as Claudia slowly removes her sneakers explaining quietly how excited she is to have Nekos feet available. She SLOWLY peels off Nekos long socks exposing her sexy bare soles. She takes time to quickly smell and suck Nekos toes. Claudia disrobes and with her long pantyhose legs gets started. She begins to DESTROY poor Neko sucking her toes and tickling her exposed soles. Neko refuses to talk and Claudia persists loving Nekos defiance as she begins to lick and tickle her armpits and belly. Neko is screaming laughing unable to stop. She laughs hysterically and then she kisses Neko making Neko confused, horny, and begging in Mandarin. But then Claudias fun is cut short as her boss tells her to stop playing around. Claudia relaxes her body next to Neko telling her how fun it was….as Neko begins to slide loose…..To Be Continued.*

Duration: 24:33.905
Size: 864,075 Mb

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