TheTickleRoom – Claudia Lewis and Neko Yano The Interrogation Pt 2 “Neko Yanos Revenge!”


Last time in The Tickle Room we had Agent Claudia Tickle interrogating poor Neko Yano. But Agent Claudia made a big mistake thinking she was safe to relax next to Neko who slid her way out of her restraints. She grabs Agent Claudia and now its time for some PAYBACK! Agent Claudia is now soles up with her feet in thin black nylons and a terrified expression as Neko starts her torment. “NO LET ME GO” Agent Claudia angrily says. But Neko knows Claudia loves this. She tickles Agent Claudias HYPER sensitive soles and she IMMEDIATELY is in hysterics laughing. She is barely able to breathe as Neko sucks her toes through her nylons. But then Neko realizes that Claudia is enjoying it to much so she starts tickling her sensitive plump toes. But then Neko rips off Claudias nylons exposing her MILKY soft soles. She is SO sensitive and Neko wastes no time using the vibrating brush on Claudia. Neko torments poor Claudias feet before tickling her even MORE sensitive upperbody. She tickles her stomach and armpits making her SCREAM as she sucks and licks her neck. This is TRUE revenge with some BTS and extra tickle goodies mixed in! Grab this amazing clip with Neko and Claudia Lewis NOW!

Duration: 18:28.373
Size: 760,694 Mb

Download – Claudia Lewis and Neko Yano The Interrogation Pt 2 “Neko Yanos Revenge!”

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