TheTickleRoom – Claudia Lewis Audition “Lets Get Intense” Pt 1 Softest Runner Feet

Here we have a new AMAZING model Claudia Lewis! She has done some awesome tickling work and here is the first time with us where she REALLY gets that Tickle Room intensity. She is a 38 years young SEXY model with size 8.5 SMOOTH feet ESPECIALLY since shes a runner. We start with the simple tickle test and MAN CLAUDIA IS SUPER TICKLISH. I tie her into the chair and tie her toes. I start with light foot tickling and she SCREAMS AHAHAHAHAHA as I slowly run my fingers up and down her soles going for the top of her feet as well. She cannot handle the intensity as I start moving my fingers faster. She is SCREAMING with laughter unable to stop her legs from shaking. I rub some lotion onto her already silky soles now making it worse. This is where I go as fast possible on her poor soles. She HOWLS AHAHAHAHAHA. She pulls on the toe ties and is unable to get away screaming laughter into the room. But I am not done as I begin with the tools. All I will say is EVERY tool makes her unable to contain her screaming laughter but I added a vibrating hair brush and lets just say the reaction is…..amazing. This is one of my new favorite foot clips ever!* * *

Length: 21:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Claudia Lewis Audition “Lets Get Intense” Pt 1 Softest Runner Feet

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