TheTickleRoom – Claudia Lewis Audition “Lets Get Intense” Pt 2 “Broken Upperbody”

Here is part 2 of the amazing audition with Claudia Lewis. She is SUPER ticklish and a sexy 38 year old. In this clip I have her tied to the massage table in bra and panties. She is nervous as I lightly tickle her hips. She giggles nervously as I work my way up to her sides and ribs. She says so far its nice and is giggling but then I start tracing as I place my fingers for the over bearing confusing rib trick. Claudia is IMMEDIATELY screaming her head off AHAHAHAHAHA unable to handle the overwhelming sensation of laughter. Then I move to her armpits “O JESUS NO AHAHAHAHAHA OH MY GOD” as I go as fast as possible on her poor sensitive armpits. But its time to get more intense as I lift her bra exposing her LARGE breasts and hard nipples. She moans slightly as I tickle her nipples but then I switch to her armpits AHAHAHAHA NO!!!! She can barely contain her laughter as I her poor ribs and armpits. This one is for you my upperbody fans End interview included and a slight BTS!*

Length: 14:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Claudia Lewis Audition “Lets Get Intense” Pt 2 “Broken Upperbody”

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