TheTickleRoom – Claudia Lewis In Squirting for Tickle Torture


Claudia Lewis is a HYPER ticklish model with some POWERFUL orgasms that many saw in our last orgasm video. Well a fan was on to this and decided we should REALLY take it up a notch. Claudia is now FULLY nude with her legs stretched, spider gagged and we tried nipple suckers but they did not take well. This clip is ALOT of orgasms, squirting, and foot tickling. Poor Claudia is VERY ticklish and cums HARD. She normally squirts but as she says with me its VERY intense. I cannot really play by play this clip since its seriously an experience of exploring her limits a little more and really pushing them. Claudia squirts so hard she actually hit my camera lol but her feet also get oiled up and are SO sensitive post orgasms she is SCREAMING into her laughter. For all you orgasm and foot fans out there….this one is for you! (I am also waiting for someone to give me an upperbody orgasm custom with her).*

Duration: 29:46.184
Size: 1 050,355 Mb

Download – Claudia Lewis In Squirting for Tickle Torture

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