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The fans kept begging and BEGGING “More intense content”. Well it is REALLY hard to top some of the stuff I do. What a lot of fans do NOT know is I am actually really in tune with the community and….I actually myself pay for clips and some patreon artists. So I have been getting some ideas from some SEXY comics. So….I had a small idea, nothing to crazy. I was saving it for Ama Rio but for her I am REALLY gonna pull out the welcome mat but the model who drew this short straw…..Claudia Lewis. Those SOFT 8.5 soles, perked tits, and laugh it was time. I wrapped her legs and TIGHTLY taped her down. I tied her toes and even wrapped her arms. This tie was TIGHT and then…. I gagged her. Poor Claudia could not be in this long but the goal was 45 minutes. The moment the last tie is made boom lets begin. “OH MY GOD” Is how she starts through the gag as I lickle and tickle her toes. She tries to wiggle but she can barely move. I go as fast as possible on her soles and the tops of her feet. Poor Claudia is screaming and giggling into her gag as I pull her toes back getting the vibrating brush on her toes. I break out the massage tool and she is screaming then giggling already exhausted. Then I grab my fun bastinado stick and start beating her sensitive soles and she loves it. She tells me through her gag she is enjoying it so I break out the brush and now she screams AGAIN but I combine it with thigh tickling. Poor Claudia continues to struggle to no avail. But ya know what….she is enjoying this way to much. I break out the Hitachi. She is nervous and excited. She IMMEDIATELY SCREAMS “O GOD” As the intensity of the tickling and vibrator send her to laughter and tears. She continues to scream as she cums and she SQUIRTS. I use her pussy and make her stomach wet for faster tickling. I tickle her toes as the hitachi continues to make her cum. She is giggling and moaning BEGGING for the Hitachi to come off after more orgasms. I then go up for some upperbody tickling only. She SCREAMS as I tickle her armpits. I feel her exhaustion and overwhelming horny feeling radiate of her body as I tickle her and play with her nipples. So I give her one last orgasm. Its time. You can tell she REALLY wants this to end. So I get the Hitachi on and she is already begging. She gets close and then cums HARD. Poor Claudia Lewis is BEAT at 19 minutes. Check out her after interview on my loyal fans or the foot room!

Duration: 19:23.462
Size: 675,484 Mb

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