TheTickleRoom – Desis First Time Pt 1 “Cursing Laughter”

Desi is a STUNNING 24 year old friend and model of mine with SEXY size 5.5 feet. Her feet are the first locked in and now its time to REALLY tickle her. She is INSANELY ticklish and I do NOT give her a chance to relax. She just got a legit pedicure and her beautifully soft feet are WAY more sensitive. The moment I start tickling she is fighting ANGRY at me already. So Desi is one of those that gets REALLY upset when you tickle her. She starts losing it when I have not even started REALLY going. I add lotion and see if she can compose herself. She does NOT. Poor Desi is so ticklish with everything from fingers to tools. Her breathless laugh is always followed up with a “FUCK STEP-SON OF A BITCH” before she tries to breath. This is one hilarious and HIGHLY anticipated video so enjoy!

Length: 8:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Desis First Time Pt 1 “Cursing Laughter”

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