TheTickleRoom – Desis First Time Pt 2 “I Didn’t Mean It”

So its time for the more intense part upperbody. Desi is NOT good with this having her safe word ready super nervous. She is talking a LOT of smack making fun of me. Nervous I start tickling her teasing her immediately. She starts “Matt YOU FUCKING BITCH, YOU STUPID FUCKING BITCH”. So I decide to START with the rib trick. She is begging and breathless as I tickle her stomach and ribs. She tries to safe word but then I go harder as she calls me a bitch and goes off more so I go on her armpits. She is yelling more before I stop and she says she is sorry. It is HILARIOUS. Desi starts calling her Veronica a bitch who is tickling her feet. She wants me to stay on her feet but its not happening. Well then Veronica joins me on her armpits and Desi just LOSES it. She gets so crazy to prevent herself from biting us she bites herself. This is one upperbody video for the ages!!!

Length: 13:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Desis First Time Pt 2 “I Didn’t Mean It”

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