TheTickleRoom – Dias Begging Upperbody

Dia has been through Tickle Hell so many times but she has one of the HIGHEST endurances of any model we have. This shoot shows it. From getting her feet tickled after YEARS to Natasha Ty getting her nails all over her Dia is spent. The wrapped foot tickle so much out of her but now the worst is here. Dia is fully nude, arms above her head, and her worst enemy the hitachi is here. Dia starts gagged with her nipples and armpits getting it but I move to her exposed tummy and she begins to scream and giggle but I need some oil. I get her armpits making her tits jiggle before moving down to her side boob and nipples. Dia is actually a giggling mess through her gag when I grab the nipple suckers. Even though we were supposed to use them Dia begged and said she hates it so I decided to be nice and not use them (give her credit people she was DESTROYED). I get her neck and we have found new spots! Ears and neck are bad. Dias eyes go WIDE with the neck tickling. Then its back to the sides and tummy. I go so fast Dia is a giggling hysterical mess while crying in between. I change the angle and learn Dias hips near her pussy is SUPER ticklish. I use the Hitachi and attempt to push her but she is so spent I honestly cannot push her any longer so I hold her off and tell her next time. Poor naked spent Dia literally slides off the chair so exhausted.

Length: 10:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dias Begging Upperbody

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