TheTickleRoom – Dias Foot Games Pt 2 “Punishment and Dreams!”

Here is Round TWO of the CRAZY Dia Foot Games. Poor Dia lost the challenges too much and her tokens sent her to the massage table! But….I am not the one Dia no no. For 10 minutes she will be at the mercy of her admirer…Valerie! She has loved Dia for a VERY long time and this is her FULL opportunity to get her fingers and tongue on Dias sensitive soles! Val wastes no time. She is both insanely excited and nervous as she tickles poor Dia. Valerie never really had an experience as a Ler before this day so I let her have fun while occasionally coaching her! Valerie uses the brush and Dia SCREAMS laughing how she HATES Valerie but Valerie taunts her before swapping to Dias hyper sensitive upperbody making it WAY worse. Dia is already spent but Valerie ends it with a full on brush lickle tickle combo sending poor Dia WAY over the edge!

Length: 11:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dias Foot Games Pt 2 “Punishment and Dreams!”

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