TheTickleRoom – Earthy Soles First Tickle Pt 2 “Desperate Armpits”

Earthy Soles feet may be divine but the rest of her body is just as heavenly and not to be ignored! Its upper body time. Feet are always fun to tickle but people normally do get tickled often on their feet or just plain get used to it. This is a whole new ball game for most people as Earthy is strapped down and stretch for some true upperbody tickling. Her exposed belly and armpits are so exposed that I can see how nervous she is as we begin. I start by looking for where she may be ticklish and the MOMENT I grab her thighs she already is laughing and snorting. I lift her shirt exposing her belly and start lightly tickling her ribs for a smile. But now its time for the rib trick. I start tickling her ribs and she is giggling so intensely she cannot hold it in as she tries hard to hide her head in her arm from how hard shes laughing. I start on her hips a little as she giggles exposing her great smile and then snorts. But lets not forget the armpits. Her laugh is so contagious as I swap around her body but my favorite is def her thighs but her belly button is SUPER TICKLISH as she says “don’t make fun of me”. For the end me and her best friend tag team her for a short period of time.

Duration: 9:24.096
Size: 293,923 Mb

Download – Earthy Soles First Tickle Pt 2 “Desperate Armpits”

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