TheTickleRoom – Hired Tickler Tasha Pt 2 “I Want Her to Myself!”

Ama Rio can barely breathe through her gag. Tasha won’t let her soles relax constantly using a brush or her LONG nails. Poor Ama is screaming unable to handle it at all and to make it worse she has Layla in her ear talking about how she will own her forever in her ear while tickling her armpits and stomach. Ama Rio cannot stop screaming as her gag leaks more and more saliva. Well Layla decided she wants Ama Rio ALL to herself asking Tasha to leave. Layla sits in front of Ama Rio and its time to torment this poor woman. Ama Rio wants to hold on begging through her gag but Layla will not give her a chance. She uses her nails and fingers on Amas BIG feet as she keeps trying to beg. But Layla tells her “You will be my bitch forever”. She continuously pushes Ama talking down to her before using a brush on her sensitive soles holding her delicate toes back. She peels them back going in even more. Ama Rios soles are RED as Layla grabs more and more tools. Layla removes Ama Rios gag staring her in the eyes telling her to submit but Ama Rio refuses. As Layla walks away though…..Ama Rio uses her one trick to get out. The feather dart they all swallow before any mission. She lands a perfect shot on Laylas neck who has no time to call Tasha back. Layla falls to the ground. Will Ama Rio run….or will she look for some REVENGE.

Length: 7:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Hired Tickler Tasha Pt 2 “I Want Her to Myself!”

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