TheTickleRoom – Hired Tickler Tasha Pt 3 “YOU CANT HAVE ME!”

Ama Rio is falling apart. After being captured by Tasha and Layla they have been non stop tickling her. But in the LAST episode Layla wanted Ama Rio ALL to HERSELF. Well that led to Ama Rio using a defense tactic knocking Layla out! Ama Rio could run but decided WELL it might be time for some WELL DESERVED revenge. She ties Layla up with her arms up and ALL her toes tied. Ama Rio WANTS to TORMENT poor Layla as she DRAGS her nails AND TONGUE on Laylas poor soles who is now at Ama Rios mercy. She HOWLS with laughter snorting and hysterical. Ama Rio puts her nails in Laylas toes and she CANNOT take it but then REALLY starts breathing heavy as Ama combines lickling, foot worship, and her fingers. Ama Rio continues to torment and tickle poor Layla when suddenly behind her Tasha appears but RIGHT before Tasha takes her down Ama Rio makes an offer that Tasha cannot refuse…..

Length: 6:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Hired Tickler Tasha Pt 3 “YOU CANT HAVE ME!”

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