TheTickleRoom – Hysterical Blaire in “Fingers and Feathers!”

Blaire is a beautiful tickle goddess who LOVES having her feet played with and tickled. She is INSANELY sensitive. Her bare 8.5 soles are always wanting to be pampered and tickled. Well in this clip I use only THREE things. Fingers, feathers, and lickling. Well poor Blaire cannot handle ANY of it. She is HYSTERICAL with every tool. She is CACKLING with laughter immediately. Blaires toes are held back so her soles are ALL mine. She is a hysterical mess and loving every second of it already. That is when I pull the toe ties off and its lickling time. She LOSES it with a cross between absolute tickle insanity and turning her on through the roof. But this is just the beginning because the next part….her upperbody….she pushes herself to try to go even further.

Length: 12:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Hysterical Blaire in “Fingers and Feathers!”

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